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Mission Statement

Lighten Up provides professional decluttering, organizing, and cleaning services so you can enjoy being at home. Do you struggle to balance life commitments and keeping your place organized and clean? Are you frazzled by the clutter in your home or office space? Or, perhaps you suffer from the stress of hoarding behavior?  Let Lighten Up transform your personal or office space into an organized space.

Things To Consider

The 10 Decluttering Questions:

1. Do I love this?

2. Is it beautiful or useful?

3. Did I bring this item into my life?

4. Does it increase the quality of my life?

5. Is it hard to replace if I needed it again?

6. Do I need to save it for tax or legal reasons?

7. If I were free from guilt, would I still keep it?

8. Have I used it in the past year?

9. Does it help me to achieve the goals in my life?

10. Will I have more space to do the things I want?

Lighten Up and Brighten Up!

Lighten Up Organizing & Cleaning covers Halifax, Bedford, and Dartmouth. We can declutter and organize your space for maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

Reorganized areas become more functional so you can enjoy working or playing in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living and dining rooms, garage, storage areas, or home office. Imagine spending more of your precious time with friends and family in your clutter-free home or office space, reducing your overall stress and enhancing your mental and physical wellness.

About Us

I’m Wendy Stone, owner of Lighten Up Organizing & Cleaning, which opened in February 2018. I understand how much clutter in our homes can affect our well being. I have been decluttering, organizing, and cleaning for the last 25 years for business associates, friends, and family. I have a BA in Sociology & Psychology and a  Human Services Counselling Diploma from NSCC. I have worked with various shelter programs between the Annapolis Valley and within the HRM. 

My education and experience enables me to work effectively and compassionately with clients who may suffer from depression, anxiety, ADHD, and hoarding. I can also assist individuals working through the grief process whether its decluttering due to a loved one passing away or needing to move to a smaller space and there are negative emotions attached to this process. I can help them cope with the decluttering process and ensure that their precious items are organized to their satisfaction and help them understand how to stay organized - which will reduce their stress levels.

Could one of these describe your situation?

Let Lighten Up help you Brighten Up your space!

  • A busy family running between work and school and sports or community commitments
  • A ‘road warrior’ career that leaves no time at home to clean and tidy up
  • A Senior in transition to a new lifestyle who needs to simplify their living space
  • A need to sort and disperse personal items after the loss of a loved one (Death Cleaning)
  • Assistance in streamlining your moving preparations, cleaning the space once moved out
  • Cleaning and setting-up Air B&B's
  • Decluttering, cleaning and staging a home to sell
  • We can support someone who suffers from Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, or Hording, by providing coping techniques in dealing with clutter and cleaning your personal or office space
  • Assisting with the grief process, providing support while decluttering and organizing

service packages



Lighten Up offers a choice of service packages to suit the needs in your home or office space. These packages can also be combined where required. A personalized quote  will be provided once we understand your needs. 

#1 Clean & Tidy


Includes: Dusting, mirrors, tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks. Sweeping, mopping, and/or vacuuming floors and stairs. Light tidying throughout the space.

Minimum of 2 hours

#2 Clutter Begone


Includes: Assistance in sorting items and preparing them for removal, donation, and disposal. Client must be present.

Minimum of 2 hours

#3 Organize & Shine


Includes: Organizing items back into their chosen areas throughout the space (residential or commercial). Also, light dusting of surfaces.

Minimum of 2 hours


Kelly After


 Mother Kelly – “Wendy came to help my 14-year-old get a handle on the mess that was his room. She was fantastic and patient and gave him great tools and ideas to keep up with things after she left. His room doesn’t always stay flawlessly neat (he is a teenage boy, after all) but with the strategies she gave him, clean-up is always a breeze, and he does it with a great attitude!” 

Amyl After


Amyl – “Wendy came into my home to declutter my basement. I could not see the floor and really wanted access to the space for myself, my daughter and her friends. I worked with Wendy to declutter some items from the basement so she could take care of organizing the space. 

She was able to transform the basement into a space that could be used for all projects as well as fun and games. Everything had a place to go, so when it comes to tidying up it takes no time at all. 

The basement was such a positive change in my house that I asked her to do my sewing room as well as the dining room. She also cleaned through the house. I found her to be competent, friendly, time efficient, and I could see she loves what she does.

Christine After


Christine - "Wendy's attitude was most professional with appropriate boundaries firmly in place. No judgments were made around some of my poor choices and I was guided with compassion and confidence by Wendy.

I am someone living with cancer and at times I feel tired and disinterested. Wendy would take the time for me to rest my body and mind and slowly show me what had already been accomplished without any feeling of urgency from her to “get on with the job”. I do believe that Wendy would have spent many more hours to satisfy this customer.

Wendy has the proven ability to:

Get the “job” done

Kelly Before


Son Micah – “Wendy helped me to organize everything into easy-to-remember systems on my shelves, my desk, my closet and in my nightstand. She was easy to work with and fun to hang out with!” 

Amyl Before


I then asked her to declutter and organize my office space downtown Halifax. She worked a miracle and I was able to start this school year with an office and home space free of chaos and thus the overwhelmed feelings eased away. Now I feel content and have more time to do what I want to do with my family, friends and at work. 

Thank you again for everything Wendy!”

Christine Before


Work efficiently alone or supervised and

To leave a satisfied customer, happy with the result and a feeling of heightened well-being.

I would recommend Lighten Up to any one. May the job be big or small; rooms in a home or an office block. Thank you for our new look of an organized and roomy space.

A much easier space to maintain on a weekly basis. Now our dog can lay down without hitting our stuff, the heat from the wood stove can circulate better and an overall more comfortable space can be enjoyed by all of us.

Thank you and regards, Christine”

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